Greetings! My name is David.

I am a UI Developer, currently at Indigo Slate.

I love building stuff online. Like (nearly) all millennial developers I started off my dev career many, many moons ago playing with Legos. Since then I've been hooked on building things from start to finish. This innate curiosity and love for technology led me to world of development. I especially love crafting intuitive digital solutions for compelling brands and creating beautiful user experiences that surprise and delight end users.

And a Digital Maker.

And I don't just love coding, I also love building bootstrapped projects and making indie products that help humanity.

I founded Rainier Watch, Seattle Adventure Club, cofounded STOP32 Photography Club, BlackBerryCentral and am a current member of Endpoint Media. I've made things like Made With Spark, The Ultimate Job Search Kanban Template, Fonts In Carrd and the Liverpool FC News Telegram Channel.

Lastly, a passionate student of Design & UX.

I love learning constantly about design and the UX world with a possible goal of becoming a UX designer after building a strong foundation in front-end development. Check out my recent mini design case study.

Projects - Freelance

Seattle By Bike

Designed then developed a static website using GatsbyJS and TailwindCSS for a local bike tour company.

Moving Forward Leadership

Designed and developed the front-end of this custom WordPress theme for this client who runs a leadership podcast.

Posy Rae

Consulted on new website design and implemented via Squarespace for this paper florist client.

Projects - Technical

The Appex

Co-founded, designed the branding & logo and led front-end development for this startup that recommends the best Android Apps.

Star Wars Character Search

A search website built using jQuery, JavaScript, Express, Vanilla CSS and Star Wars API (SWAPI) endpoint.


Designed the UI and spearheaded front-end development for this machine learning project where a user can choose a wave file and train a neural network.

Made With Spark

A revenue generating collection of projects made with Laravel Spark built using the carrd platform.

Trending Words of Reddit

An online tool myself and 3 other developers made that renders the top posts in real time from a top 25 Subreddit of choice and then builds a wordcloud based on the titles of the subreddit posts.


Developed a text-based choose your own adventure game with 2 other developers built from scratch using vanilla Javascript, HTML and CSS in less than a week.

Prior Experiences

My prior experiences as an Anti-Money Laundering Investigator, student of Economics and freelance Photographer have equipped me with a refined problem solving ability, data driven mindset, and eye for visual aesthetics.

Get In Touch

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities especially if it involves startups, compelling brands and missions to serve humans. Come say hi on Twitter.